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Your Safety And Enjoyment Is Important To Us!

Fun – Our warm Kiddie pool and splash pad area are perfect for the tots, while our Aqua Rush slide is designed for the thrill seekers. Not to be outdone, but at a slower pace, The Big Thrill is suitable for all ages.


Safe – The Aqua Adventure Water Park is a secured area requiring key card access. Parents are required to supervise young children. Pool attendants are on duty during busy times. No Lifeguards on duty.

Clean – We are committed to clean! Our bright and cheery atmosphere is kept sparkling clean through standardized cleaning programs and times.

Comfortable – relax in one of our poolside rooms, or grab a chair in our comfortable seating areas.

Consistent – We are Saskatchewan’s Best Water Park, and as such we work diligently to ensure the best experience always.

Sharky is excited to show off our new Aqua Adventure Water Park! The Aqua Adventure Water Park is for the enjoyment of our registered hotel guests.



  2. This pool area is unsupervised.
  3. Unsupervised children under 14 not allowed.
  4. No glass containers, food or drink allowed near this pool.
  5. No running.
  6. No pushing or horseplay.
  7. Proper swim attire is required; (we reserve the right to determine the appropriateness of swim attire).
  8. No outside food or drink including alcohol allowed in water park.
  9. First aid kit available at front desk and at posted locations in the pool area.
  10. Emergency telephone location posted in pool area.
  11. Swimmers will exit pool areas as directed by hotel staff.
  12. Swimmers shall take a cleansing shower before and after using this pool.
  13. No recording devices permitted in water park and changeroom areas.
  14. No person infected with a communicable disease or having open sores shall enter a pool or slide.
  15. Do not use the pool in place of toilet facilities.
  16. Not following above rules or inappropriate conduct will result in eviction from the water park.


  1. Water park users must sign up for a session to use the water park.
  2. Session sign up is completed at the front desk.
  3. All guests are guaranteed 2 sessions. Please do not count on more than 2 sessions.
  4. One will be an evening session and one will be a morning session.
  5. Maximum 5 people per room can use the water park. This includes swimmers and observers.
  6. All water park users must leave immediately at the end of their session.
  7. All water park users must stay 2m away from others, except family members.
  8. All other rules are posted at the water park entrance.
  9. No lifeguard on duty.


How long is a pool session?

Each session is 1 hour long. There will be a short break between sessions for cleaning and sanitizing.

What options are available in each pool area and what's the capacity?

We have two fun pool areas for your enjoyment! The Splash Adventure Area has our large pool, hot tub, and splash pad. The Slide Adventure Area has our smaller pool, hot tub, kiddie pool, and 2 amazing waterslides. Both sides currently allow 30 people per session.

How do I book my pool session?

Once you are checked in, you will be given some times and/or pool areas that are currently open for booking. To ensure that everyone has as fair a shot as possible at going to a pool regardless of the time they arrive, only the next one or two sessions will be open for booking. If the times or area offered don't work, the staff will let you know what time to come down to attempt to book a later session.

How many sessions do I get?

At check-in, each room will have the opportunity to sign up for 1 session to start with. Family holiday dinner rules are in effect. Everyone gets a chance to fill their plate once before you can go up for seconds!

Does this mean I'm not guaranteed to get into the Slide Adventure Area?

This will all depend on how busy the hotel is. With only 30 spots per session, it can be a possibility. Our entire staff has worked hard to create an escape from the outside world, but we still have to follow Government-mandated capacity limits. This means that some days we will have more people wanting in the Slide Adventure Area than we have spots for.

Can I get more than 1 session?

Of course! There are multiple ways to use the pools more than the 1 booked above! Walk-in! Check with our lovely pool staff. If the session or area is not at the 30 person limit, they will be able to allow walk-ins. Book in the morning! The morning pool sessions begin booking at 7 am. It is first-come, first-served, but getting that soak in the hot tub makes waking up early worth it.

How many from my room can I sign up for the pool?

Up to 5 people can be registered to a room (7 for family suites), and thus only that many can be registered to the pool. Everyone using the pool facilities needs to be a registered guest staying the night.

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