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October 19, 2021

We're all about sports! Come by and watch all the action this winter.

Regular season


April 5th Raptors vs. Hawks @7:30pm

April 7th Raptors vs. 76ers @7:30pm

April 8th Raptors vs. Rockets @7:30pm

April 10th Raptors vs. Knicks

April 12th Play in tournament


April 9th- Rush vs. Warriors @7:30pm (home) 

April 16th- Rush vs. Mammoth @7:30pm (home) 

April 23rd- Rush vs. San Diego Seals @7:30pm (home) 

April 30th- Rush vs. Panther City @6:00pm (away) 


April 2nd- Jays vs. Baitmore @7:00pm 

April 3rd- Jays vs. Baitmore @1:00pm 

April 4th- Jays vs. Tampa Bay @7:00pm 

April 5th- Jays vs. Tampa Bay @7:00pm 

April 6th- Jays vs. Tampa Bay @7:00pm 

April 8th- Jays vs. Texas @7:00pm 

April 9th- Jays vs. Texas @3:00pm 

April 10th- Jays vs. Texas @1:00pm 

April 11th- Jays vs. Yankees @7:00pm 

April 12th- Jays vs. Yankees @7:00pm 

April 13th- Jays vs. Yankees @7:00pm 

April 14th- Jays vs Yankees @7:00pm 

April 15th- Jays vs Oakland @7:00pm 

April 16th- Jays vs Oakland @3:00pm 

April 17th- Jays vs Oakland @7:00pm 

April 19th- Jays vs Boston @7:00pm 

April 20th- Jays vs Boston @7:00pm 

April 21st- Jays vs Boston @1:00pm 

April 22nd- Jays vs Houston

April 23rd- Jays vs Houston 

April 24th- Jays vs Houston 

April 25th- Jays vs Boston @7:00pm 

April 26th- Jays vs Boston @7:00pm 

April 27th- Jays vs Boston @7:00pm 

April 28th- Jays vs Boston  

April 29th- Jays vs Houston@7:00pm 

April 30th- Jays vs Houston @7:00pm 

SaskTel Centre Events

April 14th-Slipknot @SaskTel Center @6:30pm 

April 17th-Imagine Dragons @SaskTel Center @7:00pm 

April 29th-ZZ Top @SaskTel Center @7:00pm


April 9th UFC 273 


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